Wednesday, August 26, 2015

25 Quotes for Lunch Box Notes

The kids are heading back to school and on some days they might have a tough time adjusting to new teachers and friends (some who are not so nice).  Just like adults, kids sometimes need a bit of a loving nudge to remind them how special they are.  I designed these lunch box notes for my ESSENTIAL Back-to-School printable pack and will be adding them to my kids' lunches everyday.

You can download the file, print the PDF and then cut!  The cards are blank so you can type in a loving sentiment in the actual document or doodle something by hand that is inspiring and uplifting,  like I did here.

If your brain is a little fried late in the evening or early in the morning when it's time to pack up lunch, and you can't think of something super fabulous to write on your note, I've listed 25 quotes below that you can use to help you out.

1.  Good luck, you will do great today.
2.  Have a great day!
3.  You're awesome
4.  Remember to smile.
5.  Enjoy your day.
6.  I am SO proud of you.
7.  Awesome + kid = Lucky Mom
8.  Walk with purpose.
9.   Stay Awesome
10. Do your very best.
11. You're great beyond measure.
12. Rock Star!
13. Be simply AMAZING today!
14.  You are loved.
15.  Dream big.
16.  Nothing beats failure like a try.
18.  Stay focused.
19.  You got this.
20.  One smart cookie.
21.  Believe that you can and you will.
22.  Apples make the brain grow smarter.
23.  You are EXCELLENT
24.  You're tha bomb dot com.
25.  I love you.

I also really love these Christian prayers for Back-to-School

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Party Gals Linky Party No. 5

Welcome to the Party Gals Linky Party!  We're a group of  CREATIVE PARTY PLANNERS here to share with you our love of parties, entertaining, delicious recipes, DIY ideas and crafts!  Visit us every other Friday to see what's new in our party world and link up with us to share your own fabulous ideas!

Every other Friday, visit any of us on our blogs to check out a fun party inspired project, idea, recipe or craft. We'll share all our tips and inspiration with you and what's even better is, you get to share your creativity with us too!  Each post will have a linky party tool at the very end where you can link up with other awesome creatives!

To start things off, I'm sharing an ESSENTIAL printable pack for going Back-to-School that includes, labels and tags that you can personalize on your own, Back-to-School photo sign and Banner, Motivational Quote Art Print, School Money slips and Emergency Contact Cards, Lunch Notes and a monthly homework calendar!  Follow the link under my Pin-tastic photo to get your download and while you're at it be sure to hit the Pin It button to save for later and share with your other Pin-tastic friends!

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Backyard Camping and Glamping Ideas

kids tent ideas, smores recipes, smores station, gourmet smores

Before Summer ends, make the best of the last dog days by treating your kids to a Backyard Camping and Glamping night!  Today, I’m sharing a few super simple and easy (I promise) ideas to  on creating your own backyard camp.  All summer my kids have been begging us to go camping and while it would be a great experience, we just don’t have the time to do it this year, and by time, I mean….I don’t do camping.  Since I don’t want to be the one to ruin summer, I decided, why not bring the camp to us!

I know my husband just loves when I come up with these wacky ideas…..that he has to participate in…and by participate….I mean, he has to build stuff.  Let’s start with the tents, shall we?  No proper campsite is worth it’s weight in bug spray unless it has a tent, right?  Well, since we aren’t really ‘campers’ in this house, we had to use my creative prowess to come up with something super cute and fancy for my bay-bees.   Like any good creative genius, I trolled Pinterest for ideas to make a tent and found one that was super easy to do…..and by super easy….I mean, my husband wouldn’t fuss at me because he’d be the one building it :)

wooden stakes, a-frame, tent ideas

To create the frames for the tents, I used 5 ft long wooden yard stakes. My husband drilled holes into four of the sticks and then screwed them together with a piece of wood across the top.  I was thinking that there’d be plans to follow and measurements, but NOPE!  He’s a genius.  A purebred genius.

To cover the tent,  I used duvet covers that I purchased at the thrift store.  I like the thrift store, it calls to me, it sings to me…..I NEVER know exactly what I will find, but somehow, I always wind up coming out of it with just want I was looking for.  So, it was no surprise when I walked up in that bad boy and sniffed out the cutest Ikea duvet covers….that were also the perfect length for my tent frames…..and it was such a score to get them on the cheap!  The patterns were perfect for my son and daughter!

easy tent, a-frame tent, tent tutorial

Call me lazy, call me a hack, but I totally didn’t do anything fancy to keep those covers in tact.  I basically held them (temporarily) in place with thumb tacks.  Don’t judge.  Seriously though, I plan to either stitch Velcro or ribbon ties in the future for something more permanent because we do plan to bring the tents indoors for the kids to play in whenever they want.  It’ll be great for the winter and maybe will give them to stay in their room at night…..(blank stare).

Once the tents were set up, I decorated each one with on of my pompom garlands.  I also made each of my darlings a cute sign for their tents.  For my son’s tent, I placed a CAMP sign that I created with faux wood letters and a cut piece of tree trunk.  Then, my daughter got a chalkboard sign that said GLAMPING and I embellished the sign with fun girly-girl buttons.  For each  tent, I added torch lights, lanterns, and other decorative pieces that matched my kids’ cute….suuuper cute personalities.  Then, inside of the tents, I simply pulled out old sheets that we had in our linen closet and beach mats to tie everything together. Super simple and easy right?!!

camping, glamping, boy camp, girl camp, flamingo, yarn pompom, camping ideas

Everybody knows, that no camp out is complete with out Smores and Bug Juice!   I set out a basket chock full of the kids’ favorite candy chocolates, Oreo cookies, graham crackers and marshmallows for the kids to build their own smores.  I put everything in glass mason jars along with some wooden sticks, then put all that in a basket.   Then, we set up a small ‘fire pit’  for them to roast their marshmallows and enjoy their treats.

A long time ago, I was preggo and addicted to pickles……true story……and I kept this humongous glass pickle jar because I figured….I’d need it one day….I’ll use it.  So, what do you know? I did use it….. to make a cool and refreshing drink for the kids!  I am not one to shy away from Kool-Aid….it’s so wrong….yet so right and kids seem to love it so, I used it to make bug juice and they totally dug it….they REALLY thought it was made with bugs!  Bless it!

mason jars, milk jars, roasting marshmallows, candy bars

smores station, smores bar, smores for camping, marshmallow desserts

fun smores, smores ideas, fancy smores

diy tent, girls tent ideas, flowers, yarn pompom garland

smores, summer, candy, chocolate, camping, food

It doesn’t really take much to put together a backyard camp for your little ones.   Use your creativity, find stuff around the house, throw it out there and make it fun……and if all else fails….bring candy and bug juice!

camp, glamp, backyard, summer ideas

This post originally featured on Design Dazzle's Summer Camp Series

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