Friday, July 25, 2014

{Checking-In} Where I've Been....Summerin'

Yes....yes....I am still alive! I hope you don't think I gave up on sharing lots of party fun! I have just been enjoying my summer with my family so, I decided to take wee break from my blog just to regroup and recoup! I've got tons of ideas stored up for the next batch of posts.....but I was just enjoying relaxing....I'm sure you can fact....I enjoyed it so much, I forgot to celebrate my BLOGGERVERSARY! Oh well.....there's always another occasion to celebrate right?!!! (like my upcoming about a week.....not throwing hints out there......IJS)

As you know, I don't put too much of my personal life on this blog, because I don't know how much fun it would be to take a peek into my offline world (fyi - if you would like to know how my spend my days, you may find my INSTAGRAM interesting).....but since I've been gone for a few weeks, I figured I'd share some of the things I've been doing during that time. PREAPARE TO BE AMAZED (ha!)

We enjoyed a little 4th of July fun with festive cocktails, sparklers & Allie (my cousins' adorable Cockapoo!)

I was on a mission to organize my HOT MESS CRAFTROOM (again)'s a major work in progress, but I'm getting there :|

Cleaning up and organizing my craft room also gave me the opportunity to find all the items I needed for my upcoming summer party shoots! Can't wait to share!!!!
Summer in Maryland is nothing without  Blue Crabs!  Ironically, I don't eat them.....but I sure can put them in a pretty dish and serve them up nice! (I'm too New England for all that work - gimme a LOBSTAH!)

I also spent my time, by racking up craft stuff from a huge clearance sale at Michaels, creating new product tags for my Etsy shop, falling in love with these MASON JAR STAMPS after reading this TEA TOWEL GIFT IDEA and FINALLY ordering my JAMBERRY NAILS (ya'll know how I'm constantly going on about my janky nails, hoping these will change that and if you love doing your nails - try them - the link takes you to my friend Kristin's, consultant page!).

Then there was that weekend that I had a ton of work to catch up on and couldn't get a thing done because THE MINI DIVA took over my craft room!

BTW, I'm really enjoying quiet lunches by myself....

This summer my dear Husband is able to be home with the kids.  One day I looked at the poor man and realized they were breaking him down to mush.  So, I took a day off from the job that pays the bills and headed out to, MONTPELIER MANSION, a local Colonial estate here in Maryland and enjoyed a day of fun at their Historical Playground.

It was pretty fun watching them run all over the place, pretend and dare I say......get along!!!!  Nothing like playing dress up, having a puppet show and exploring an old creepy house!  Later that day, we ventured out to THE NATIONAL HARBOR and had fun at the NATIONAL CHILDREN'S MUSEUM!

Of course it's about that time for getting Back to School supplies - so, I've been slowly adding supplies to my stash....anytime I see a good sale - in the basket it the pencil Gods....can we do something about the price of Ticonderoga pencils please??????

This is next on my project list.....I know what you're thinking, who wants to be spending their summer doing laundry?  Well, I found this 'recipe' for homemade laundry detergent; it's supposed to last a year.  All the supplies cost less than $30.....if it really lasts a year.....I'll be saving bookoo bucks - and that means more $$$ to party with - yay!

There's plenty more I'll be doing to close out my summer.  I still have my birthday, the beach, the amusement park and.....MY BIRTHDAY!!! If you'd like to keep up and see how I'm 'SUMMERIN' - follow me on INSTAGRAM!

BTW.....if all of that wasn't enough to fit your fancy -- today marks the official 100 DAYS TILL HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN!  (ho yeah!) ..... that being said, why not take a few moments to enjoy my HALLOWEEN CELEBRATIONS AND IDEAS of years gone by!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

{Party Style} Red, White and Blue Patriotic Headband Tutorial

July 4th is such a fun holiday to celebrate and I love making patriotic crafts with the kids.  This year, I wanted to make something festive for them to wear.  After scouring my stash I found lots of ribbon, some felt, a plain white headband and decided to make a red, white and blue decorative headband for for my Little Miss Independent.   What I loved most about this project is that it literally cost me nothing extra to make, cause I already had everything available in my craft room and it took very little time to make.  

If you'd like to make one for your own little miss independent follow the instructions in the tutorial below!

To get started, I created a felt rolled flower.  This tutorial has steps on making one similar to the one used for my headband, but you might also found this rolled felt flower tutorial helpful for making some in general.

Just a little side note - when gluing the  rectangle to the flower be sure that only the center of the rectangle is glued; you will need to have enough material left on the ends to securely wrap around the headband.

This headband was quick and easy to make and is such a festive accessory for the July 4th holiday!  If you make this headband for your own Little Miss Independent I'd love to see how yours turns out! Feel free to share your creation in the comments below.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

{July 4th Round-Up} Affordable July 4th Crafts and Ideas

You might notice a few cosmetic changes happening on my blog, since I'm a one mama show, that's got me pretty busy right now.   As I continue to rebuild the blog to make it prettier and more fab for ya (like the cute social media buttons over there ---->), I still want to provide you with some easy peezy projects for the upcoming July 4th holiday!  Here are a few ideas I've created from past July 4th celebrations I've hosted.

 Make an easy and affordable decorative centerpiece for your July 4th tablescape.  Decorate white pillar candles from the dollar store with star shaped blingy stickers and place in an inexpensive glass vase. Create an elegant floral piece by adding blue glass vase filler, red floral wire in a vase and submerge and orchid or another bloom to the vase.

Make Red, White and Blue ice cream cone cupcakes!  Bake cupcakes in ice cream cones and top with patriotic frosting!

For a festive place setting, use a paper rosette as a sleeve for sparkler sticks! Simply make a small paper rosette, attach a 2" circle to two sparkler sticks - you can also add a bit of embellishment....I just punched a smaller circle to a washi tape covered thumbtack and stuck it into the center of the circle.  Adhere the circle to the rosette with glue dots. 
July 4th crafts, july 4th ideas, sparklers

Make a patriotic fruit pizza with the kids with sugar cookie dough, vanilla frosting and berries!

fruit pizza, july 4th desserts, summer desserts

Make simple paper lanterns patriotic by attaching a blue fringe tassel to red and white paper globes!

Create a mini bunting using red, white and blue streamers.  I made this by cutting the streamers into 6" cuts and folding accordion style, then pinched and glued one edge together towards the center to create a semi-circle bunting shape and then attached by folding over the top of the bunting to a length of twine.

 End your July 4th celebration with a BANG.....or at least a little sparkle.  Set up a sparkler station on a bar cart and place in decorated pails and baskets.

You can find some of the July 4th printables in this post in my Etsy shop.  

Be sure to keep checking back for more updates to the blog and creative ideas for your parties and celebrations! 

Save this board to Pinterest for later!

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