Wednesday, October 22, 2014

{13 Days of Handmade Halloween} Googly Eyed Monster Pom-Pom Garland Tutorial

Are you hosting a frightfully delightful Halloween bash for your little ones this year? Then this project is just for you. To finish off the 13 Days of Halloween series, I created this adorbs monster pompom garland with silly googly eyes. A perfect decorative piece for an All Hallows Eve kiddie bash !

To start you will need a few supplies  -  to make my pompoms I use a pompom maker by clover, yarn (of course), googley eyes, plastic needle, scissors and glue!

To start, following the instructions on the pompom maker, wrap the yarn around several times on each side.

Once you've wrapped the yarn, take sharp scissors and cut down the center of each side following the notch on each handle.

With both sides still closed, tie a length of string in the center and pull taut a few times.  Snip off any excess from the TIED string only.

Make about 8-10 pompoms (or more) to start building your garland.

Add a dab of glue to the eyes and start applying them to the pompom balls.  I like to use hot glue (on like everything) fabric glue or regular old Elmer's All-Purpose is fine too - there is just a longer wait time and I like instant gratification!

Once your pompoms have all their eyes added, take a length of string, twine or yarn, and with a plastic needle, thread the string through each pompom.  Be sure you are running the string through them so that the decorated side will show when hanged.

Once completed, hang your garland against a wall or along a shelf or even across a mantle for a 'EYE'-catching display.

I hope you joined this year's 13 Days of Handmade Halloween series! 

A HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to this years 13 DOHH series and for everyone who linked up their ideas in our linky party at the end of each post.  It's been a really fun time learning and sharing new ideas! 

Please be sure to join us for our Pinterest Party that will start at 7pm EST tomorrow evening, October 23, 2014 and share your favorite Halloween themed pins, crafts, parties, recipes and more!!!  The fun doesn't stop there.  I've got more Halloween party ideas and inspiration to share over the next few days. So keep checking back daily!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{13 Days of Handmade Halloween} Halloween Surprise Balls

Here's a fun idea to do with your kids for Halloween!  I created these Halloween Surprise balls with just a few simple supplies in three easy steps.

You just need a few supplies to make them - Small toys, bouncy balls, stickers, etc. & candy, streamers and washi tape.

It's best to start with a small ball, I liked how these spikey balls look a bit creepy and perfect for Halloween! 

Start rolling it around in the streamer and form it into a ball.

Continue adding the favors to the streamers......

Form it into a tennis sized ball......

Seal it closed with a strip of Washi tape and you're done!

This is a very simple and easy treat to make and perfect for kids to take to school or pass out to trick or treaters on Halloween.

Monday, October 20, 2014

{13 Days of Handmade Halloween} Fairy Glam Pumpkin Tutorial

Hey party peeps!  This is Tonya Coleman from Soiree Event Design and I'm so excited to share with you my DIY tutorial on making a Fairy Glam Pumpkin just in time for your "non-spooky" Halloween decor! This is particularly great for those with young girls who simply don't want a scary Halloween party or decor in your house. Check out how I made this fabulous Fairy GLAM Pumpkin for under $10!

Here's what you'll need:
$2 mini fairy wings (Halo Heaven) $3 green glitter pumpkin (Target…Dollar Spot section) $1 tiara (Dollar Tree...comes in a pack of 4) $7 1 pack of clear rhinestone stickers (Michaels…60% off in the Halloween section) Glue gun (already own) scissors (already own) misc. decorative items to style your pumpkin when it's finished (already own: charger plate, rosette table linen, rhinestone flowers)

Step 1: Detach the pink comb from the tiara and discard it. It's so simple to do. It just pops right off.

Step 2:
Using the glue gun, attach your tiara on the top center of the pumpkin.

Step 3: Cut the strings from the back of the wings.

Step 4: Place a good amount of hot glue on the front green middle patch on the wings and attach them to the center of the back of the pumpkin. Be sure to have the pattern on the wings facing the from of the pumpkin so you can see the pretty glittery designs on the wings when you are facing the front of the pumpkin.

Step 5: Embellish your pumpkin with rhinestone stickers.

Step 6: Style your pumpkin in your Halloween party design or dining table. Here I placed my pumpkin on a dark green glass flora charger plate then placed these fabulous rhinestone flower clips all around the base of the pumpkin. How gorgeous does it all look displayed on this light green rosette table linen!

I hope you will try this budget friendly DIY tutorial on how to make a Fairy Glam Pumpkin just in time for your Halloween decor this year. For more of my party inspiration be sure to hop over to my blog, Soiree Event Design for LOTS more eye candy!

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